Technical Services/Control Systems

For over 50 years Mechanical Sales has been a premier supplier of combustion, heat transfer and fluid handling equipment and systems. Our application experience combined with technical innovation allow us to offer truly integrated solutions to meet your performance and project requirements.

Control Systems and Interfaces

Being a UL Certified control system designer and fabricator, we pride ourselves on providing state of the art control systems and interfaces for most popular building control systems:

Boiler Sequencing Systems offer boiler sequencing and water temperature control with boiler protection to provide the best in energy efficiency and equipment longevity.

Mercury PLC Series are robust industrial quality systems utilizing programmable logic controllers and incorporate full-color touch screen operator interfaces. Mercury PLC Series are appropriate for projects where superior control performance and equipment protection is desired.

Gemini Variable Flow Pumping Systems offer complete control of a buildings HVAC water flow requirements. The key to an efficient pumping system is to provide enough water flow to meet current system requirements, but only the amount needed. By accurately and continually monitoring specific loads in a system, we can provide a highly efficient system to maximize energy use and building comfort.

• Equipment Interface to building control systems via BacNet, Lonworks, and Modbus are essential in delivering the promise of true system integration. Our experience allows us to provide an array of options and the knowledge to make them work for our customer's satisfaction.

• Field Services are an essential part of delivering the promise to our customers of proper equipment commissioning and operator training. Our highly experienced in-house technicians ensure the highest level of equipment knowledge and integration of this equipment into a building's overall performance. Proper equipment start-up and integration is essential to a highly efficient, long-life system.